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Our Fees

Our school Board of Trustees has opted into the Donations Scheme, receiving $150 per student, per year from the government if they agree not to ask parents and caregivers for school donations.  While this doesn't cover the full cost of our learning program, we will no longer be billing parents for curriculum-related costs, unless they have a take-home element.

Attendance Dues will still need to be paid as well as stationary, opt-in activities, take-home resources, and school-related camps that aren't compulsory or directly connected to the curriculum program. 
To find out about what the Donations Scheme covers, please click here.




This is a compulsory charge levied by the Proprietors of Seventh-day Adventist Schools NZ under the Ministry of Education's approval.  The income is used solely to maintain and upgrade school facilities.  This charge is compulsory and children may be excluded from the school roll for failure to pay these fees.

Dues for the year 2024 are $152.50 (incl. GST) per child, per term. Parents must have a term's dues paid up-to-date before commencing the next term unless arrangements have been made with the school.


Other Costs


All of your child's stationery needs are provided by the school and families will be charged $50 a year to cover the cost. 

Take-home elements

Families will be charged for take-home elements related to their learning.

School Bus Fees

This is a user-pay service to support families with school transport.  All School Bus fees need to be paid by the end of each term.   


Special Character


This voluntary donation, levied by the proprietor is used to maintain the special character of our New Zealand School system through; professional development of staff, assisting with expenses relating to locating and transferring staff, resourcing Bible-based programs and in contributing towards the expenses of our National Education Director. 

The amount for 2024 is $32 per term (reduced if more than one child at school).

Money paid to the school can be in the form of; 

a) Cash payment to the school secretary (Between 8.30 am and 11.30 pm)

b) Cheques made out to; "Hamilton SDA Primary School"

c) Direct credits made to the school bank account (see school secretary for forms)


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