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Athletics Day Fun

It was a great joy to watch our students competing for their whanau groups at our Athletics Day on Thursday. To top that off, parents were able to come on-site and cheer their tamariki on as they earned points for their whanau groups.

Our parents even got a chance to compete against the students in Tug-O-War and running relays, much to the pure delight of the kids!

With the students divided up into our Whanau groups, Whero (red), Kakariki (green), and Kikorangi (blue), there was great rivalry and enthusiasm as students

cheered on their teammates, encouraging them to gain just that extra inch or speed to maximise their team scores.

In the end, Kikorangi were triumphant with 86 points, Whero finished with 73 points, and Kakariki with 72 points.

There will be more opportunities for our students to earn points throughout the year as they try to secure the "Top Whanau Group" at the end of the school year.

We enjoyed the way that all students encouraged each other and competed in a way that is consistent with our special character. Well done teams!

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