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Join the Book Clubs LOOP

LOOP is Scholastic Book Clubs Linked Online Ordering & Payment platform for parents.

Our school has been set-up to be part of the Scholastic Book Clubs Loop. This is an app based platform that makes ordering and purchasing books easy!

How does it work?

- To start, download the app from the app store

- Click REGISTER first to save your details for next time

- Select your school and your child’s class

- Add your Child’s first name and last initial (so the school knows who the book is for)

- Enter the item number from the Book Club catalogue

- All orders are linked directly to the school and will be delivered to your child’s classroom

- There’s no need to return paper order forms or payment receipt details!

Why Order Books through the LOOP?

- 20% of all sales goes toward the school to purchase more learning resources

- It’s easy as!

Where will I have access to the book catalogue?

- We will send a copy of the catalogue electronically so that you can go through it with your child and choose books that you want for your child while talking to them about why there are certain books you do not want them to read

- A hard copy of the catalogue is available in the office

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