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Our Girls Volleyball Team Triumph

On Wednesday, our girls' volleyball team, the SDA Diggers, made history when they defeated the Rototuna Junior High School boys team in the Final of the Intermediate Volleyball Festival Championships.

Having lost to the previously undefeated RJH boys team in pool play, the girls, with the help of their coach (Mario Stevens), spent every afternoon at the volleyball net practicing and preparing.

The girls were determined to bring their best game and the intense final served up a treat!

The girls won the first set 13-11, having to overcome a 4 point deficit at one point, and took the early lead in the second set with some pinpoint accurate serving. The boys fought back and closed the gap to one point, however, the SDA Diggers held on to win the game 11-10, beating the boys' team by two sets to nil.

The girls demonstrated great determination, courage, and perseverance throughout the final, and deservedly walked away with the win.

This was the first time an all-girls team has beaten an all-boys team in the final. Congratulations Zeita-Maree, Elizabeth, Mee, and Josephine, well done on such a great achievement!

While three members of the team head off to high school next year, they have inspired the next crop of volleyball players who will be aiming to emulate them in future competitions!

Go SDA Diggers!

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